Cristina Hutu

driven by creativity


I’m Cristina, an ambitious moldavian, who came to from Bârlad to Bucharest to achieve the best of her career by doing what she loves..

P.S. I did it!

♦ I started my career at a small advertising agency, part of a group of companies based in Romania. For 6 years I evolved from a company to another and in the end I managed to reach the “Mother-Ship” of that group – Madrivo Media (Rebranded Evowise). That company had clients from all over the world, but most of them were from USA. I had to find the best way to reach those clients using e-mail marketing strategies. This job gave me the opportunity to learn how to comunicate with clients from all social and demographic categories and how to provide them exactly the service or the product they need.
♦ Meanwhile, I was learning the basics of photography. Step by step, I started to evolve and I realized that I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
♦ The feedback for my work kept getting better,.
♦ I had the opportunity to work with artists from music and film industry like: Andra, Delia, Smiley, Feli, Jojo Catalina Grama, Nicole Cherry, Claudia Pavel, Loredana Groza and many others.
♦ While I was working at Saatchi & Saatchi, I realized that my dream was to take a step forward from photography to production.
That was the moment when the “leap of faith” happened. I had decided to be 100% involved in my own brand.
♦ For the last 3 years, I had the opportunity to be the official photographer of our Romanian Fed Cup Team. I must say that every time Simona Halep walked onto the tennis court, I could feel her ambition and determination and I think I managed to capture that in my photos.
♦ I really believe that every project is a piece of my evolution.



Photography is my main hobby and I must say that I believe that having the chance to capture a moment in history is the most amazing thing


For the last 2 years I had the chance to work in film industry doing commercials and concert movies

Media Production

Having the script for a commercial is the easiest part. Being able to form the perfect team to produce it, is the challenge.

Event Concept

I can create unique event concepts for promoting your business. From production to post production I have the perfect team for you


  • Romania VS Rusia - FedCup
    Romania VS Rusia - FedCup
  • Simona Halep - Roland Garros Champion
    Simona Halep - Roland Garros Champion
  • Simona Halep - Wimbledon Queen
    Simona Halep - Wimbledon Queen
  • Musical "We Will Rock You"
    Musical "We Will Rock You"
  • Loredana & Banda Agurida
    Loredana & Banda Agurida
  • Andra - Concert Traditional
    Andra - Concert Traditional
  • Smiley - Concert Arenele Romane
    Smiley - Concert Arenele Romane
  • Karmen - Los Angeles Photoshooting
    Karmen - Los Angeles Photoshooting
  • Delia - Wiinter Wonderland
    Delia - Wiinter Wonderland


The experience I had after the photo sessions spent with Cristina was extremely creative and productive. The result was one worthy of top fashion magazines and Cristina’s work efficiency is enviable. We recommend the artist Cristina to anyone who wants to reinvent themselves and have a successful photo album.

Paltanea Andreea – General Manager at Outran

Ridesafe is a device you put on your motorcycle and acts as an alarm, emergency call system and performance tracker and has a broad target audience with certain expectations of quality and coherence.
Cristina stepped up to the challenge and provided us with direction and those pesky production details nobody knows about until you are facing them. We were surprised on her ability to quickly absorb all the brand relevant information and her versatility in finding pragmatic solutions like quickyl finding the right production team or to book a studio and make them willing to withstand a bunch of dusty leather bikers.
The whole production (and pre-production) process went seamless even with our poor understsanding of the process and our posh (and sometimes pointless) requests.
In conclusion, in Cristina, one can find a good combination of talent, discipline, and enthusiasm that will provide outstanding results, given that she is provided with the right amount of trust.

Alex Bricov – Co-founder of Ridesafe

I worked with Cristina at the 10th World Arabian Horse Racing Conference 2019.
She has all the tools of modern and classic media and she can work under pressure in the same manner and efficiency.
She is able to make agreements as well as make suitable offers according to customer needs.
She can control every team so that the work can be done creatively.
She speaks fluent English and also speaks properly with all staff.
She can understand all the needs of the director and deal with all requests professionally.
She has very special abilities in how to handle the modern media whether it be Audio or Video and Editing over and above Decoration and Lightning.
She has the ability to solve problems accurately and quickly during work without disturbing the workflow.
She can provide an accurate and complete daily report on everything that happened during the work and provide a vision in the treatment of all negatives and not to repeat them again.

Walid Rehan Morgan – AdSports Director at Abu Dhabi Media

I worked with Cristina on complex projects – the BRD Bucharest Open is one of them – and the results were always at the highest expectations. Cristina has a keen eye her talent and skills are amplified by her creatibity and drive and refined by her focus. We will continue this partnership and I highly recommend Cristina

Raluca Negoita – Head of Design at McCann Erickson Romania

Great web designer, enthusiastic photographer, online marketing professional and dependable person – but this is not all i can say about Cristina. She has an inquisitive mind and a great level of empathy and she proves to be a great co-worker and excellent team player.
I would work with her at anytime, taking into account her creativity, integrity, high professional profile and attitude.

Amira Radulescu – Director at Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence

It is extremely easy to work with Cristina, is a goal-oriented person, focused on client success. With her help, we managed each time to get the desired results. Recommend with confidence.

Marian Stan

Cristina is a very creative and hard working designer. She is always passionate about what she is doing and she does her best to meet the clients needs, with much professionalism. We worked together at some very interesting projects and at the end, the results were fantastic.

Raluca Bujoreanu – Product Manager at Zalando SE


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