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I’m Cristina and I have over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, graphic design and web development.

I’m specialized in e-mail marketing and I know all aspects of creating a successful campaign. I’m an apt strategic planner and researcher.

As a graphic designer I have brought to life the identities of various companies inspired by their values and business objectives. Comfortable with different editing softwares, I combine numerous design styles to deliver key visuals that reflect the brand’s essence on multiple creative platforms.

As a photographer I am an explorer driven by passion and finding stories. The content of my photos and creative projects varies considerably. Some have a strong emphasis on fine art and the study of photography as an artistic and emotional endeavour, whereas others have a more commercial focus and cover managing a business, professional ethics and marketing.

Types of photography: social photography (weddings, commercial and portraiture, storytelling photography), landscape, corporate, advertising, architecture, events (concerts are my favourites!)

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